In this bloody world, chaos reigns supreme
Where nightmares and horrors are the daily theme
Innocence is lost, as darkness takes hold
Leaving behind a trail of stories untold

The cries of the young, the old, and the unborn
Echo through the streets, a mournful song
Their lives cut short, without rhyme or reason
Leaving behind a world trapped in a prison

Headlines scream of killings, of lives taken away
Leaving hearts shattered, in disarray
Searching for answers in a world gone astray
Where evil whispers and rumors hold sway

Humanity forgotten, sanity slips away
As the madness consumes, day after day
Cold-blooded murderers roam the land
Leaving behind a river of red, like a flood so grand

This world knows no boundaries, no race or creed
It cares not for the cries, the tears that bleed
For in this mad world, we all reside
Bound together, in this bloody tide

But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope
A flicker of light, helping us to cope
For in the hearts of the brave and the kind
A resistance forms, a love that binds

So let us rise above this bloody world's strife
And fight for a future, where love is rife
Where compassion and empathy conquer all
And the bloody world's reign begins to fall.
© P.O.P