Scenes from when
Scenes from when, life was good , ☺️
Happy was nec , ex-sary was hood.🦋

Scenes from the middle of sept,🪷
Like twenty, and there was drought. 🍂
With the shower of happiness,⛈️
Fallen a Star from the north.⭐

When I was four,👶
And school was near.🚸
Great grandpa should be there ,👴
Schooling was no fear.🕺

There was a special ,🔊
Mid-day meal scheme .🥪
But I couldn't enjoy ,🙍
Coz of my kitchen queen.😅

But for the first time ,🫥
I dared to trespass .🤭
Joined my other fellows ,😋
Gave my tiffin to ants.🐜

Damn that Jan to March,🌬️
Addictive that sunshine .🌞
Morning drops on the eyelashes,💧
Was that less than wine?🥰

Drenched me , right out,☔
Oh that shower that rain!!🌫️🌩️
Catching High lakoocha,🎋
Oh that tactics were insane.😂

Two soldiers with the rifle ,🪖🔫
Behind the shield of the cot.🛏️
Coming back from the fair,🎡🎠
With jalebi and clay pot .🌀🏺

When school was miles,🎒🏃
And Raunak was a friend.💑
That convo with the chits,📝
You know about those trends.☺️

That one when she really fought ,🙎‍♀️
When I grabbed her tie.👔
And that one cake of class party,🍰
She asked for and I denied :)🙃

We used to get off from the school Van ,🚌
A little far, with a smile .🚶🚶
To enjoy the fresh peas of the field ,🥒
Together, for a while.🫶

It was two, zero, one, two ,2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣2️⃣
and twelfth of twelve .1️⃣2️⃣/1️⃣2️⃣
Superstitious environment ,😶‍🌫️
Earth is going to be hell !🤯

On the evening of eleven,🌆
We buried them on earth.🌍
Thought, our toys will be there,🧸🪀
When we'll take rebirth.🤷‍♂️😜

When there was no need,💚
Of Detoxification .💞
When ruby was pious ,❣️
No neph–rain and filtration .💌

No tension for defence ,🤍
Nor I used to leave my crease.🚷
With pure leaves and singles,🙂
My inning was full of peace.✌️

Life was full of fun and tastic,🕺
When I used to‘tedhe–medhe’eat.🧇
It's all about from there,😩
When two,zero came in repeat.😷

Scenes from when, life was class,💓💯
Forcefully, full of milk,hand held the glass.🥛👶


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