The zephyrs roam through-ever changing guises...
In spring’s lush theatre, zephyrs play,
whispering muses in leafy attire,
tickling the young buds, coaxing shy petals,
as perfumed breaths of earth’s desire.

the soother of suns,
Summer sends its sailing sighs,
sea-born breaths that kiss and tease,
across the sun-soaked azure skies,
they dance, the whispered melodies.

The carrier of scents , zephyr moves,
from lavender fields to sweet earth rain.
he marries the jasmine to the vine,
in a tender, fragrant, boundless chain.

harvest’s harbingers,
gilded zephyrs, autumn’s spies, rustling
through the fall’s crisp gown,
they sweep the treasures where old leaf lies,
stealing colors, gold and brown.

Winter Gusts, silvery sentries
howling over frosted dales,
gently rock the sleepy lands,
with icicle wands in ghostly hands.

The zephyrs roam through-ever changing guises,
with muses, sailors, spies, and sentries—agents,
painting pictures as the world reprises its cyclic song in whispered incantations.

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© Aylin