Love you more each and every day.
I love you
I love you too
It's not a habbit
It's the love
That I have for you

This distance kills me
As I miss your warm hugs
Your touch
Your voice
And the glitter and sparkle in your eyes

I see the stars and constellation in your eyes
My pen inks you on the crumbled pages and in my tears.
You are the hope and light,
And the reason of my sunshine smile.

Like a gentle breeze,
Your breaths are the reason to survive.

You're in my soul
In my shadow, that dances and flickers in night.
You ignites the light & the passion
In my burning heart.

Your name will always be on my lips
Like a favourite song that I murmur
Like a child's favourite lulubaly
Like a writer's favourite poetry
Like a readers favourite quote.
Your name always remain on my lips like a magic spell beautiful and divine
Your name will always be on my lips
Until I make you mine.

© alpha stella