With Love In Our Hearts
There's little left to say or do
Love has come and left us in shambles
She decimated our hearts and left us raw
There's agony, misery and woe, the tears come unbidden
They flow deeper than the nile and drown reason
Bodies aching and hearts continuously breaking
There's nothing left to pick up, only ash fading into oblivion
The Fates are cruel mistresses giving only to take once again
We draw laboured breaths on collapsing lungs
Filling with the blood of our breaking hearts
Yet we keep on breathing, through all the pain we breathe
We do not turn our backs on love
We do not call her out on her callous cruelty
Instead we cradle and baby her, praying she'll nurse us back to life
And that one day we'll forget all the pain she embodies
And once again fall into her scorching embrace
Willingly giving into her slavery with a smile
We cling to the hope that one day we'll be whole and happy
With love in our hearts we will live.
© Ayabonga.Xulu