Love Me Anyway
Look at me, I am flawed.
I don't have perfect rows of pearly white teeth
They're stained a bit yellow even thou I brush every day.
My body isn't all too great either
I don't have a six pack and my chest is flat, I let it be.
My voice sure as hell isn't going to make you swoon
It's raspy and out of tune and my singing might kill you.
What I am saying is, I am not perfect but love me anyway.

My mind is rather dirty, it sees and imagines a lot
I can't control it but I promise I am very loyal.
My heart is riddled with fear, pain, and suffering
Yet I'm still willing to love and trust, I'm actually very eager
So please don't take my senile narcism as reject. I'm projecting.
I can't really promise you that we'll last forever
I can only love you and hope that will be enough for you to stay
What I am saying is I'm not the greatest boyfriend but please love me anyway.

I am very insecure, needy and clingy
I can't help it when I love I tend to go all in
Being too much is never a possibility to me, I'm never a little much
I am much too afraid of not being enough, so I overcompensate
I don't really know whether it's a flaw or not, I just love you
What I am trying to say is, I'm a bit overbearing but please love me anyway.

I won't lie to you and say you're perfect, you're human
I'm sorry I won't always be able to roll over and do what you want
I'm sorry I won't always validate your opinions and views, but I'll never let you feel less than
I'm really not a pushover, at least not anymore thanks to you
Yes I'm very opinionated now but you'll always know it's my beautiful mind speaking
What I am saying is I'm independent and maybe a bit blunt
But that is all me so love me anyway.
© Ayabonga.Xulu