Rebirth From Broken Pieces Of Sapphire🖊️🍂
I am reborn, but the scars remain,
A reminder of the pain, the tears, the strain,
The weight of Writco's hurt, still heavy on my heart,
A burden I carry, a constant, aching part!

I am rewriting, but the words won't come easy,
The ink of sorrow, the tears of yesterday's breeze,
The memories linger, like shadows in the night,
Haunting me still, with all their might!

I am retrying, but the fear grips me tight,
The fear of being hurt, of being wronged, of being in flight,
From the demons that haunt, from the ghosts that won't rest,
Leaving me weary, lost, and forever unblessed!

I am forgiving, but the pain still feels so real,
The wounds of betrayal, the sting of what they did and said and feel,
The trust I gave, the love I shared, all torn apart,
Leaving me shattered, a broken heart.

I am reborn, but the tears still fall like rain,
A sorrow so deep, a grief so hard to contain,
The longing for what could've been, for what should've been mine,
A heart that's heavy, a soul that's lost its shine!

"To those who love me in real,

I am rewriting my story, not for the ones who hurt me, but for you. For those who stood by me, who held my hand through the darkest nights, and who believed in me even when I couldn't believe in myself. This new chapter is for you, for the love and support you've shown me, and for the hope you've given me to start anew. Thank you for being my safe haven, my rock, and my forever home.

With all my love and gratitude,
Sapphire 🥺❤️📌

© DaniRhymes__🖊️🦋💞