Portable Memories
Portable memories they come and they go. The suitcase is for keeping them for moms you know. Images; few, hanging together like glue. Is there a me and is there a you? It's hard to tell with a camera like that. The person holding it is often missing in fact.

Portable memories black and white images from the past.
Only four present what happened to the rest?
It looks like a family in the photo on the right.
The picture in the front looked like I have been there before. Image a bit blurry so I would have to see more to be sure.

Portable memories are the best kind.
Sometimes you can show others while you're waiting in long lines.
The photographer must have been done with the day.
Just back from the developers and putting those for you on display.

Portable memories don't lose yours!
One day you'll see what I have always known,
Portable memories should be owned.
Keep them in your heart and you'll never be apart.

Portable memories need storage space you know.
Someday those piles will grow.
Now I know that even though these images are plain.
Portable memories will always remain.

Now this was an older way of telling stories you know.
Image's of places, people you did know.
Take good care of your portable memories even without the photographer they still will glow.
Here's to all the people out there like me. Those of you who like good imagery.
Thanks for sharing yours!

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