Forgotten Use To's
You use to hang on my every word,
now I wonder if I'm even heard.
You use to be so kind and sweet,
now kindness towards me is a special treat.

You use to anticipate my every need,
now you treat my needs as greed.
You took care of me like it brought you joy.
I guess i was just a shiny new toy.

The new has since worn to old.
I feel your love is turning cold.
It's all the little things that you use to do,
making your love feel big and true.

I never asked you for the things you done.
You made taking care of me look like fun.
I never need you to treat me like a queen.
I only wanted to be heard and seen.

You'd make my coffee and bring me a cup.
You said kind things to lift me up.
You'd bring me snacks every day.
You never let my independence get in your way.

You made sure when I left I had all I need.
You said you'd miss me and I believed.
You waited and watched for my return.
A new kinda love I was beginning to learn.

Hugs were a way of saying hello.
It didn't take long to make my heart glow.
Kisses were often like you never got enough.
You made me weak in ways I once was tough.

All I asked was don't start what you'll someday quit.
However you love me, keep it up when life's shit.
Whatever you give don't take it away.
Love me consistently to show you'll stay.

Remember when I could tell you whatever I'd feel.
I knew how to speak when I didn't have to question what's real.
You were my safe place, my comfort, my strength and much more!
Now we just argue and I become more insecure.

So now I'm learning once more to keep my feelings inside.
Put a smile on my face so you'll not know when I've cried.
Watching to see how this will unfold.
Regretting buying the love you sold.

I guess you think I'm naive and easy to deceive.
Just because I keep quiet doesn't mean I believe.
Just because i don't speak it doesn't mean I don't see.
All the use to's forgotten takes you closer to free.

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© Simple Sue