2024: What the World is Watching
"We know not what next year hath in store;
but we do know it will come, and cometh quickly."

Look at the World around us
The American Dollar falling
Racial disharmony so unjust
And now a New Year is calling


My Country 'tis of thee
Oh how I love my family
Next year be not afraid to share
Filled with wonderful people that care.


O Canada your native land
Willing to lend a helping hand
May next year see you stand strong and free
Continue your patriotic pride in unity.


May your cry be heard on high
Archangel of peace not pass you by
The New Year brings Tequila cheer
Holding everyone so near.


Tomorrow is another day
And though you're many miles away
Your light shines bright, yes we adore
Who knows what '24 has for you in store.


Yes it's true, we shall not forget
Those who passed to Heaven's set
The winds of change lay all around us
New Year's gift of wins for us is a must!


O land of beloved of the Sun and beauty
We worship your verdant hills and blue sea
When in '24 your ringing song doth rise
We'll sing your anthem in reprise.


Happy to be young and free are we
Coast-to-coast end to end by the sea
New Year's come as no surprise to thee
For you are always rejoicing and free


May your reign stay true the next millennia
Voices ringing out with joyous aria
The New Year promises celebratory praise
So lift your voices, all hearts raise.


In unity stand our billion strong
Heart to heart gave all year long
Year '23's seen nothing yet
'24 has the best things set.


Unified in heart and virtue
Standing righteous, vanguards true
We've seen what '23 had for us in store
Still we'll follow principles in '24.


As we remain everlastingly strong
We will sing our praises all day long
Our mountains high and hearts draw nigh
New Year's eclipse will see us fly.


Hope still alive hearts beating true
By grace of God He'll see us through
Our year's been fraught with sad tears now
But '24 brings something more somehow.


Our land and home of eternal destiny
Still struggling to be independent and free
If New Year's brings this jubilee
We will be the Middle Eastern giving tree.


Our prospering land paradise to see
Saw many new things in Twenty-three
Now '24 stands at the door
Longing for prosperity and something more.


Glorified with dignity for all time
Settled not so subtle and sublime
We live by strength and know our power
New Year's promised to be our hour.


Our royal line is blue, kingdom is real strong
Unity finds ourselves where we still belong
The New Year dawn by early light we know
In '24 we'll show where the winds will blow.


Come let us unite in eternal happiness
Our voice as one when day is done no less
In 23 we did see our country God did bless
2024 will only see more glee and joyfulness.


Let freedom ring in unity we come together
Bearing alms and giving gifts to each other
Although we stuggled in the year of 2023
Is for more in '24 to set our people free.


Green and gold where our God loves to be
With prosperity and charity throughout '23
We look with hope through our God's eye
That '24 will open doors to keep riding high


Come my brother and my sister to another
Live as one throughout our land its mother
We cherished '23 with praise and jubilee
Celebrate with us this New Year's happily.


God of creation bound in peace and unity
So happy '23 still finds us just and free
The world has something else for us in '24
Unified we strive to find that extra more.


Arise, we are united in our countryside
Sweet love amoré here we now abide
This New Year will see us open a new door
To the promises of tomorrow in 2024.


We are woken and are free still in unity
Proud to say we're here to stay in Italy
The New Year rounds the corner nigh
So now we fly our celebratory banners high.


Streams and gleams are the world's delight
From shore to shore dreams in moonlight
And til the time this year has past
We will not know what 2024 hast.

Year '24 with countries numbered 24
There is something more in store
That's what we all are waiting for
New Year's 2024!

© I Am MichAel