no prewritten poem can help me show 'em just how I create as God, I hate people so I create my evil ex nihilo and what I feel is now, is real it's a long time coming like the Jesus sequal, me divided by you is 2 for tubal cain is division but the all seeing eye can not see my vision if I am blind in my mind,it was not my decision to get an unecesary circumcision that was the first tip I ever left so the doc must have been pleasant when sexually mutilating my fetus penis why did my mom let hik complete his task or ro I dare ask who put the thought in her mind I can't rewind but it if I read the signs right, it gave me borderline personality disorder being the origin of my childhood trauma, I talk about drama from my mama, fomma, and now I did not end up like a Jeffery Dahmer but I cut myself often and had to adapt to being perpetually suicidal...that is it! that's the title!
see aWritco just go change your format but don't change it to disco it'e on like a thong eong that's Sisco, those video hoes don't use coppertone they use Crisco and bake in the sun floss your teeth with the floss between the cheeks of your bum that line was dumb summer but here it comes, dumber...
ready...? 3, 2, wonder and amazement I have corpses rotting in my basement just kidding I don't have a basement hut the bodies are piling up and I don't know where to place them so later on I can taste them, shit! I did go Jeffery yes it's me guess I'll be Jesse Dahmer! with some Robert Willie Picton mixed in I picked him inspiration to reach 50 victims I guess we just suffer similiar symptoms fro living in a village Patempkin where it's all fake behind the veil, maya, illusion my best times are my delusions lost, living in seclusion in madness and confusion negative voices mock me, intrusions, thoughts that don't stop till I snap stab somebody in the back then saw them in half it's a bloodbath and I laugh at the clock so slow I wouldn't put it past the acid that made it go fast, it flies when you're having a blast!1