How about "Grandma's Hearth: A Tapestry of Memories"?
In the heart of warmth, the kitchen stands,
Where Grandma's touch weaves magic strands,
A haven of scents, a symphony of flavors,
Each corner alive with cherished savors.

The old oak table, weathered and worn,
Holds tales of years, moments reborn.
In every crack, stories reside,
Of laughter, tears, journeys wide.

Cabinets adorned with heirloom ware,
Whispering echoes of love and care,
Porcelain teacups, their stories entwine,
With every sip, memories align.

The stove crackles with nostalgic glee,
Recipes passed down, a legacy free.
A bubbling pot, a comforting stew,
Nourishing hearts with warmth anew.

In Grandma's kitchen, time takes flight,
Wrapped in comfort, a haven so bright.
A single memory, a treasure trove,
Her kitchen, a place of endless love.
© chandrabhan Sen