emotional equilibrium
I was pessimistic
now I am optimistic
situations and my spirit strife
but now its new approach to live a life
failure may come and go
but success is my logo
fears were all about
no more self doubt
Failure was no accident
it happened for my betterment
none of it was a waste
it is process of making me best
I am done with those thoughts which make me vulnerable
self discovery is making enable
I don't know the reason why suddenly I am upset
I can't open up though people around me are present
overcoming sadness becomes my daily therapy
at the end everyone wants to be happy
I'll find a way through highs and lows
I'll cherish all lesson my soul knows
all happened for reason
to mold and shape me in life's new season
anyways in life I'll find my role
and definitely I am gonna reach the highest goal
I want to embrace emotional duality within me
finding strength and solace in both sorrow and glee

© shweta_meshram17