One Last Time
Let me hold you,
One last time
One last day,
Please be mine.

Let me feel you
One last time,
Take in your warmth
Hold your gaze, sublime.

Let me embrace you
One last day
Hear your heartbeat
Please let me, I pray.

Caress me while I weep
One last while
Comfort my agony
With your gentle smile.

Let me cook you
One last meal
And feed you with love
Before breaking our deal

Let's walk holding hands
One last way
For I will be gone
By the break of day.

Let me kiss you
One last time
Let our heartbeats dance
For that one last rhyme.

Stay by my side
My one last dream
Before we flow away
As two different streams.

For I don't know where
My life will lead
As you change your direction
On your glorious steed.

This future of mine
Seems unsteady,
Begging for one last time,
It's my tragedy.

Let me tie the ends
Of this one stray wool
One last time
Let me see you, till my heart is full.

© NeethalSequeira