Hurts so good
The truth is that you are gone
but for my heart you're still mine,
you're still here by my side
My heart can't believe that you're gone.
You said you loved me but
when you changed
I came to know the truth
when you left me
I understood that you
never cared for me
because if you really cared about me,
you wouldn't have left me like this.
Now I'm broken
broken in a way that
my heart can't be fixed again, never.
Even if you'll come back and
say to me that you love me
do you think I'll believe it
do you think I'll be happy again
since you left, happiness also left
now even if you'll come back to me
I'll not be happy, I can never be happy.
Someday when I'll fade away then
whenever I'll cross your mind
you'll feel a prick in your heart
You won't be able to forget me
even if you want to.

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