Habitual Behavior
The rain streams down electronically locked doors.
I lost count of time and my freedom, once more.

I’ve continued to be rehabilitated through hospitalization.
I don’t desire to accept the repetition of this admittance.
Now, my fifty fourth baker act is the latest recognition.

An education of the schizoaffective manic psychosis.
Not to leave out post traumatic stress diagnosis,
Compounded upon clinical depression prognosis.

Chronic coping by protocols for behavioral optimization,
Requires compliance to digest the undesired prescription.

Abilify, Welbutrin XR, Cogentin after totaling someone’s car.
Provisions for suboxone to deal with fetynal after all.

There’s been Marchman Acts so I don’t harm more than myself.
Suicidal ideation was the primary concern of my mental health.

Shooting up has always come with consequential behavior.
Hopefully this time, recovery will last long enough to savor.

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