The Way I Script
Do not ask me to fill in the gaps
You will not like the way that I script

I may write in many moral traps
Leaving your character fully stripped
I might place your discernment in lapse
Have your egotism, from you— ripped

I could pen in that you grasp at scraps
Or draft it in Finnish— the transcript
Then delete all your translation apps
You would not know if you slipped or quipped

I could compose your part all in caps
Have you yelling— have all your lines lipped
I may decide there will be no claps
Might script that your shoulder is all chipped

Pen you in as one who mumble raps
Have your lines sounding like javascript
Javascript in the spirit of caps
Could create you as a nondescript

I may write you down on your kneecaps
As I said, don't make me write the script
You will not like how I fill the gaps
You won't like the way that I encrypt

#rhyme #script #wordplay
© danie_af