What Was
Get this
First nothing existed
It's safe to say
you missed it
Then almost simultaneously
Existence existed.
That was before any lifetime
At least before mine
That moment in time,
speaking under the pretences
Of time being relevant
To how we perceive
the idea of it to be,
Would mean
it was considered to be
the first moment of everything
since it was
the moment
moments came to be.
Clearly I'm not stating this
in a way
which can relay
what it is I'm trying to portray.
I should clarify
well at least try
It's important to me
For you to see
Inexistence itself
was inconstant
with being
the only thing in existence
Inexistence it's self
did exist.
Which unawareingly led to all this
Even you hearing what I'm explaining,
before you go,
I think it's important
for you to know
Where we came from originally
Breaking it down briefly
the studden realization
‎of nothing itself
‎being something
‎ started everything.
Still not getting it,
sounds like I'm rambling
making up shit,
I'm not
‎I want you to get
‎what I got
‎trying to give it my best shot to explain
‎ wait a minute actually I forgot
Simply said
Everything came from the first conscious thought
When nothing noticed even it was something
all that's existing has grown.
Non-existence never would have known coming to terms with its own exestence
would create all were're currently shown.
Is your mind blown
get this when it comes to all that exist
That's not even half
of what there is
we can't comprehend everything from beginning to end seeing how that's how we see things so we are not all aware things don't happen the way we see
‎which is a fact as difficult as it may be to believe you see start to finish is not how things are

‎they coexist
‎sorta as if something is close but still at the same time far
‎compare that metaphor
to what I said before
‎its somewhat
Similar to the start when both inexistence and existence were not yet two separate parts but back to before everything started to begin when once they were one
way back then
Bringing it back to now
Since now they forever still in a way actually never have split apart no longer ajoined like the start which is what eventually created all reality including your beating heart
Whenever it was
That was
is difficult to say because although many things are in a linear line one of them is not the flow of time
If that concept makes you feel out of your mind no worries you'll be fine if you feel like you're getting it
You probably are
Understanding it is very hard and don't stress
you haven't gone insane. Although I think I might have just trying to explain. If you didn't get it let my words sit because there's so much from this you could gain. Just let my words settle in your brain and you too might just understand that existing and to not exist is one of the same
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