First Kiss
We met in a new wave,
The technical maze of Myspace.
Her voice of reason, the grace I needed.
Hearts beating, still young but already bleeding.

We would meet in phases through phone lines.
She was not mine but offered her time.
Our first kiss leaves a phantom Imprint upon my lips.
Memories locked inside cd cases that I forget.
Very few places to find her,
Since she’s been sainted.
She rests inside the spirit of this painting.
A shrine was built in my mind after she departed.
I do my best to hold onto how it all started.

The first love I will always have, but could not save.
I remember her well, few faded memories of her face.

We dated some months and got to know,
The ins and outs of each others souls.
We would attend parties and shows regularly.
One night we kissed and she said follow me.
I felt numb the first time, during the loss of our virginity.
Both of us were high, nervous about this responsibility.
It ended abruptly due to parental intervention.
She was embarrassed, an argument I was engaged in.

Upon waking the next day, I chalked it up to a mistake.
Undesired emotions and accountability at stake,
I was seventeen, very little I could relate.
She said I’m taking a shower and will call back in an hour.
The hour passed, so ten minutes after I dialed her numbers faster.

Her brother answered without saying a word.
The air was somber and he said the absolute worst,
What had happend to her would only hurt.
Her brother said she had died, he could do no more.
Brain annuerism at only nineteen, found on her bathroom floor.
My personal Juliet, she came to be,
On that night I overdosed for the first time, I just couldn’t believe.

I felt no pain, no emotional tyrades.
I came out alive but life never felt the same.
The first kiss from a first love,
My heart's wish undone.

© neconomic