My Shifted Crown

Bound in chains by the love assassin.
Injected with a love serum without even asking.
Overlooking the evidence planted in every direction.
It was too late after I realized you were attacking.
I couldn't contain your unyielding passion.

Your plump face, a ruby apple.
Sweet and bitter juiciness tramples.

A puff of rapid sneezes.
A burst of chilled breezes.
The overcast from your eyes rises.
Your icy stare freezes.

Your smile blacksout the sun.
It took my heart as number one.

Your giggles erase the superficial clutter.
Your delectable stutter ruffles my heart to a flutter.

Meeting your eyes grants a static shock.
Vibrant garnets spur a silent carnage.

Embers of past whispers infuse a hushed twister.
Draped in velvet robes, the hidden thorns of a rose.

On a moonlit night, through starlit eyesight.
Starry skies reflect your eyes.
Drips of bright grip my sight.

Confined by a seductive red.
You hacked into my head.
You got me on my knees, begging with ease.

The brilliance from the moon's companions.
Radiates the twinkle of a soothing crescent smile.

I'm always able to spot you amongst the crowd.
Because... Your laugh, rewrote sound.

Faded into the moonlight.
The sky blue sky of you.
My heart pounds as if it's ready to melt.

I can't vacate my house without your skylight.
Because... Your smile, broke sunlight.

Crossing the night.
As free as the wind.
Another way of life.
I saw it from within.

When I was on the brink of extinction.
I blinked to face a rather large distinction.

My mind bound by a dark sky blue.
Can't I just fall into you.
My vessel tows me forward.
I can't take a feeling so deep.
My heart hungers to escort you.
Can't I just be nulled by you?
Otherwise, I'd end up bored.
Forever yours to keep.

Standing beside you is a reward in itself.
An alteration of the world's format.

© StarrySkies