The judgement.
We are our own judges who first of all judge so poorly and then we show a kind of anxious behaviour to put it up as our opinion; Opinions are welcome when we sincerely open our minds about differences, some people could be different and it never make them stand as defective. It rather could be us who are in the surroundings that are defective and we as people, we could only talk or to claim something but it has no knowledge in it. We may enforce education to be the top priority but what is that top most, it only looks as though. We are bound to drag the meaning away and we keep foolish logic close to ourselves remember; Papers don't illustrate how you could learn, what you learn and how you keep yourself steady to attain the dedication that is inside you and many things would get settled; If we adore the difference, but this current human civilization is tricky and they have been poorly stuck in the worldly affairs.