February 08, 2024
Love is a very unique matter
Which can make life happier
But can also set it to back gear
But love in itself is very sweet dear
When with loved one you chear
In your heart his heartbeat you hear
Just imagine how would feel
When yourloved sweet essence with your every breath you feel
Ĺife may just become like a movie or reel
When.you ask yourself a why
Her dreams give pleasure my eyes
And on looking into mirror with your self shy
You are in love your heart gives you this reply
Then your luck you should definatly try
But on being rejected do not weep or cry
Love is does not always give you gain
But many times loosing in love is greater then gain
Just think every happens according to God's plane
In another way God may want to give you fame
Still among heros you can find your name
Every time you can not have a succesful love story
But still you story can add to your glory
You just show honesty in love
Because love is always love
No matter even it gives trouble
So just fall in love friends
And see how your love story meets it's end
From any heart broken you can take class
Because it's a exam which honestly youto pass
Then even if you get zero
You can still be a hero