A break Free From His Charm
In the shadows of my mind guilt lingers,
For letting you take hold of me.
I don't miss him his grip,was too tight .
My heart screams , my mind echoes the same.
I break free from your evil charm.
You can't no longer control my mind.
He was my worst nightmare, my soul was in flame.
I was manipulated by is dark charm.
I was trap into is dark world, i was too scared to speak up.
I refused to let him take back, control of my soul.
I stand strong, i stand tall to let him take back my soul.
So stay away from me you toxic force.
I am free now, on my own course.
Guilt may linger but i will not bent.
I am stronger now my wounds are heal.
I still regret my past.
I just gather the broken me.


© shanaeparry🦋🦋