Died so young!
Today, I thought about my late friends, again.
Read our old chats. listened to our voice notes and call recordings. viewed our old pictures together. watched our old crazy videos.
They died so young.

I thought about Tia's smile, poise & sweetness. I remember the scent of her full, long wooly dark hair, her forehead kisses, stories & poetry. I remember.

I thought about Simi; her intelligence, hugs, humor, silly dance steps, stupid fights, banters, & how she calls me 'papi', so coool. I remember.

I thought about Charly; his elegance, spoken words, he's beauty & bravery. I miss his accent. Died in a ghastly car accident. He was so sweet and shitty and sometimes corny. I remember.

And Richie; he was kind, bold, fierce and fearless. He died while trying to rescue a drowning lady in Russia.
Yes, he saved her, but he died while trying.
He went to study, got married but came back in a body bag. I remember.

I remember them all. I see them all.
Rest easy family.
What is dead, may never die! 🌱🔥🕊️

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