That Mirror

Although it's not my real reflection I fear
Some days I can't look in that mirror
I'm scared to see the me I used to be
The me I was before I broke free

The me who always had something to hide
A bruise, a mark, or streaks from tears I cried
The things I tried hard not to let show
Embarrassed that anyone would ever know

Somehow I felt I was to blame
So I would hide myself away in shame
But that mirror it never lied
No matter how hard I tried

The proof was there staring back at me
Of just what would happen if I made him angry
Attempts to cover it up just made it worse
And I began to see that mirror as my curse

Until one day I saw in that mirror
A broken nose, eyes full of fear
No matter how much I was afraid
I knew what would happen if I stayed

And now that I'm finally free
I still don't like to look at me
Because even though I let that me go
That mirror it will always know

© MysticDreamer