First row,  First seat,
Seventh row,  First seat,
Stealing glances,
Sideways smiles.

Still...... UNNOTICED.

Days passed,
Same,  the Routine.
No initiative from anyone,
It's still.....UNNOTICED.

Rumours passed on them,
Giggling and smiling,
Either of them noticed,
It's still..... UNNOTICED.

HE had a huge crush on HER.
SHE had a huge crush on HIM.
But either of them noticed
It's still.... UNNOTICED.

Friends playing cupids,
Rumours spreading,
Either of them noticed,
It's still.... UNNOTICED.

Last day of high school,
Last bell of their school life,
Last glance,
Last smile.

Least bothered,
Both of them walked out,
Hand in hand,
Still...... It's UNNOTICED.

"To find themselves in each other".

© Priscilla