Acute Tribulation
Imprisoned to timeless panoramic views,
Witness performances of something new.
My reflection turns into an effectuating fractal skew.

Recursive nature of differing spirited stages, I discern,
Painting my image into one God to infinitely learn.
From the instance of birth until my eventual death.
Recollections and precognition of everything yet to be sensed.
Should I disconnect under any strenuous pretense?

Enveloped by my characteristics as they seethe and recoil.
Ready to strike down my soul until it engulfs into an everlasting turmoil.
Im trapped with a mind and heart that begs for me to stop.
The stage burns and other actors of the play turn to ashes as they drop.

Can I return the ashes to life once they lay dead?
Sifting my hand through smoldering memories before their shed,
Will their time ever strike again?
God bless the fire of life burning at both ends.

Invoking recognition of what I’ve learned to gain from what was lost.
My fractured entity retracts while time takes toll of the operating costs.
I am reborn into a familiar presence again,
A polarized soul until the very end.
Hello old friend, what is hidden under that skin?
Taking no chances to pretend,
I will not escape my own reflection.

© neconomic