True Strength
Laid out a welcome mat for my insecurity.
Every day answering that door to face what was trying to win over me.
The sadness powering over the person I claimed to be.
This war on myself can't go on like this truly.
Get out of bed and immediately convince myself that I'll be alright.
Find it therapeutic whenever I write.
Constantly having to remind myself that it's okay to ask for help too.
I'd agree if you said I was just an empty space but also deep down a part of me doesn't believe that to be true.
I didn't get to where I am today.
Without questioning people's words and what they had to say.
In terms of doubting.
The incoherent shouting.
While not forgetting to question my own writing.
The purpose behind the fighting.
The pressure that comes with being in pain.
I put so much effort and yet the mess will always remain.
To go beyond what is expected of me.
To push through my misery.
This doubt wants to see me lose and for that will go to a great length.
Knowing this I continue to write cause it's here I find true strength.