Home is not a place but the feeling in my heart
The feeling that I have even if we are apart
A whisper of your touch, a longing deep inside
Where all of my favorite memories still reside

Home is not a place but the glow in your eyes
The glow that always makes me realize
That here I am safe from any storm
In your eyes, always soft and warm

Home is not a place, but the melody of a song
The melody where our hearts belong
Bound together in an endless dance
Sing it with me and take this chance

Home is not a place but we built it with love
Built for eternity like the stars above
Where we can always keep each other near
We will make castles of dreams and quiet our fear

Home is not a place but the wave in the ocean
Unconditional unwavering full of devotion
And like the sun that forever will shine
Your soul is forever intertwined with mine
© MysticDreamer