Moonlit Agony
In the dark of night, a soul in torment cries,
Struggling to make it through the endless tide.
The urge to say goodbye, a whisper in the mind,
But guilt and fear, keeps the farewell confined.

Life's been good, yet the pain remains unseen,
Locked away, a silent scream within.
A fake smile worn, to shield the worried eye,
Alone and intoxicated, tears fall, no one to pry.

In the refuge of solitude, a silent cry is heard,
Yearning for understanding, amid the chaotic word.
A desperate plea for help, to escape the internal hell,
If only you knew, the stories my mind would tell.

I'm sorry, but I need you tonight,
To hold me close, to ease this plight.
To listen to the whisper of a tormented soul,
And offer love, to make broken pieces whole