Those were the days...
Blessings were those days ,
When the time was not that much powerful;
Life was along with the spirits of gays, When everything around was full beautiful.

Friends were less in number,
Life and Routine was walking in a slumber.
When promises were the powerful weapon,
And whatever we wished was bound to happen.

Love was the new thing to us all,
The most confusing and enchanting thing to learn;
EXCITED were those days,waiting for some special call;
BUT that special was very difficult to earn.

Eyes were full of dreams,
Mind full of routine and task,
Efforts and Hardwork were full of screams,
Everything was original without any mask.

Everyone of us was breathing in a pure serene,
Everyone was the ruler of its own demesne,
But no one was aware about Mr. powerful mighty time,
Who has now taken all our innocent rhyme.
And now it is clear that,
Those were the days,the best of all, Difficult to forget,
No need for THANKS and not for REGRET,
Just waiting for some special call,
And now,they
Have passed so soon,
As if in winters from Morning to Noon. GROWING UP Is the new target
but those days are really difficult to forget...