who will
who will love
the broken person like me
flower blooms in sorrow
tears being put into burrow
a soul that is full of shackles
never knew which pieces
will be form into tackles

who will love
the unlove person like me
where everything is so dark
never knew which way to park
for it was so blurred in the eye

who will love
the distressed person like me
all I want is to push others
afraid of being too pushy
make me leave behind their backs

who will love
the loser person like me
where feelings being played
no one seems to care
make me feel so unwanted

who will love
the stubborn person like me
I was good in hurting others
with words that makes them leave
cursing me in pain

who will love
the problematic person like me
all I have done was giving headaches
cursing me with profanities
shout to all the pain they did

who will love
the imperfect person like me
who will lift me up in this sorrow
comfort me in my wrecked ways
until I learn to live love again