In the stillness of the night, shadows creep,
A haunting chill, a terror deep.
Dark whispers echo in the void,
In the realm where nightmares are employed.

Invisible hands grasp at the mind,
Twisting thoughts, cruel and unkind.
Demons dance in a macabre ballet,
Feeding on fears that never sway.

Through the mists of a restless sleep,
Phantoms prowl, in silence they creep.
Eyes wide open in a fevered dream,
Caught in a web of terror unseen.

In the heart of darkness, the soul screams,
Lost in a maze of twisted themes.
In the grip of the night's darkest hour,
The nightmare's power, a fearsome tower.

But fear not, dear one, for dawn will break,
And shadows fade, the dream will ache.
For in the light of a brand new day,
The nightmare's hold will slip away.