Where is humanity?
As the years are passing,
increasing modernisation has become a blessing.

Life has become much easier than before,
however, there are some ill-effects of this afterall.

Earlier,the humans had love for each other.
Now, they are not willing to meet each other.

Brotherhood, honesty, truth, love - All these values are lost.
Devilness in everyone rules, making it only a thing of the past.

The greediness for wealth has distorted minds of humans,
that they no more look after each other’s situations.

If a person dies due to any reason,
people make a choice, what to wear at his cremation.

Everyone is jealous of other’s success.
Since, they do not wish for each other’s best.

Crime, backstabbing, lying, deceiving- Are the values of present.
This is surely not, what we acquired from our descendants.

Very few possess mankind.
They must be protected at any cost,
to make sure, the humanity is not lost.


© radhika