Rivière de ma solitude
Loneliness, like my tears,
Flows without refrain.
Within this salty river of mine,
I confront my deepest pain.

All that I've forsaken, of my wounds,
They catche me in my lonely nights.
Emotions, by constant distraction
Never can be deserted, I realized.

I've pretended, feigned to be alright,
Shared mirth and smiles.
But what can a mind do,
Against a melting heart?

Shall I speak, or shall I cry?
How do I restore the harmony,
Between my heart and mind.
To decrease hypersensitivity,
Or to increase my conscious side?

Yet what else do I posses
But my loneliness as my refuge.
Though reminiscent of my pain,
Isn't it the only place I can cry?
Here, in memoires inked with pain,
I can scream what's on my mind.

Who else shall witness you,
In your naked state?
And perhaps there are secrets
We must never say.
Only to us, to our loneliness.
In solitude, in silence,
In the house of the broken hearted.
© Caillou