Inevitable Path

Hurdles can always be jumped over, Like a labyrinth guiding us to sweep our troubles away, It may not be neatly organized, straight-forward, or efficient, But there will always be a way to jump over it, be it with one leg, two, or even four, it will fall over the floor.
It is certain that we will leave it behind, it is not something that has come to stay, however, you still need to pray, so you don't become a prey, because it can slay.
You need to keep moving, having a positive response, in all situations, never forgetting as a vast one, it is necessary for vast hurdles to come, be alert, because knowing is better than ignorance.
It might burn your beautiful skin, even suck your sweetness, making you look irresponsible, better still, a path is meant to cross, it will be sameness to Christmas which comes and goes.
Am aware it makes you cry, I makes you wishes to die, be weary not, for no matter how dire and rough it is, one day it will certainly be jumped over, maybe two feet, may be five feet, all for sure, it will be a thing we once saw, But its departure, determine your state of nature.

© Aniedi Victor David