I will no longer choose you, my heart has finally spoken,
The love we had is fading, our bond is now broken.
I gave you my all, my trust, and my soul,
But you played me for a fool, your intentions were cold.

I will no longer choose you, I deserve so much more,
Someone who will cherish me, who my heart will adore.
I am setting myself free, breaking away from your hold,
No longer will I be haunted by lies that you've told.

I will no longer choose you, it's time to move on,
To find someone who will truly see me as strong.
I will rebuild my life, my spirit will soar,
And one day I'll find love that's worth fighting for.

I will no longer choose you, with each passing day,
I will forget the pain, the hurt will fade away.
I will reclaim my joy, my happiness will renew,
For I have finally realized, I deserve better than you.
© cynfully