Me- ya ALLAH they are talking bad about me.
ALLAH- Do not let their words sadden you.

Me- ya ALLAH I am alone no one listens to me.
ALLAH- I am with you wherever you are.

Me- ya ALLAH I am tired of this duniya.
ALLAH- remind yourself this life is a test.

Me- I keep sinning & sinning will ALLAH ever forgive me?
ALLAH- I am in love those who repent.

Me- I miss my friends so much I wish we were still together.
ALLAH- I removes people from your life bcoz I heard conversations that you didn't hear.

Me- ya ALLAH everything is so different when will I be at ease?
ALLAH- after all patience beautiful things await.

Me- ya ALLAH they think I am a bad muslim.
ALLAH- they don't see what I see in you.
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