Love does not have size💖💖
In worlds apart, they lived and breathed,
Two souls from different spheres, it seemed.
One from the heights of luxury and fame,
The other from the depths of humble name.

Their paths collided, fate's design,
And love ignited, like a burning flame.
Despite the odds, they couldn't resist,
The pull of their hearts, the love they insisted.

But challenges arose, like mountains steep,
Their differences, a chasm hard to keep.
Society's gaze, a judgmental stare,
Their love, a taboo, beyond compare.

The world outside, a constant test,
Their love, a flame, that had to find its nest.
They faced the doubts, the fears, the strife,
And in each other's eyes, found a loving life.

Through trials and tribulations, they made their way,
And in the end, their love shone brighter each day.
For love knows no bounds, no walls, no space,
And in each other's arms, they found their perfect place.
© Becky_