my unknown inspiration
Pen a poem about the ONE who gave way to fulfill your desire to write.

Some things just are and you have never asked why
some of the things we do were never new, but just something we always do without realizing it's something special too, cause it's not something others can do as easily as you, with the exception of a few it's something others had to learn to do and knowing the reason that they chose to do this thing that is part of you
but is that really true or was there something that inspired you or gave you reason to write as easy as sun gives light,so with a simple question of who inspired you, I was forced to look back to give credit to someone if credit was do, but the best I could do was thank a teacher or two for teaching me the alphabet and how to write and then the teacher that gave me the attention and praise for turning a simple assignment into a handmade book that she took and put on display, and then it started I was on my way to being the writer that you see today if only they knew what that little attention would do to a little girl that needed that and so much more, and it came clear to me what I needed to see is that it was my dad that truly inspired me then I cried like never before pain that never heals a heart that's always hurt by something that's buried in dirt no matter how hard I'd wished they weren't I wanted so bad to still have my dad and to stop feeling so sad he's the one who taught me to write it was only my name but he promised to teach me more and more each and every night ,but that would be the last happy memory because he was gone before the morning light there wasn't another night with more then just me wishing he were there eventually moving on pretending not to care like it didn't bother me but now it's obvious to see writing won't bring him back but I keep writing hoping to feel that special again like the way he made me feel and inspired to be happy even when I'm sad so I put it all on paper my feelings that I hide or emotions locked inside to ashamed to cry or to stupid filled with pride so inspired yes I am to write cause I can
© drealoveyoung