Life, oh life, a precious gift,
A journey filled with joy and drift,
A testament to our existence,
A chance to make a difference.

It starts with a cry, a new beginning,
A journey that's full of learning,
Through childhood is where we learn to play,
And adolescence is where we find our way.

Adulthood is where the real test lies,
A time to make our dreams arise,
A time to work and toil hard,
To create a life that's truly ours.

In life, there's love there's pain
And moments we'll never regain,
But through it all, we find our strength,
To conquer mountains, no matter the length.

As we age, we begin to see,
The beauty of life's mystery,
The importance of love, family, and friends,
And the joy that comes from making amends.

With each passing day, we grow and learn,
And in our hearts, the memories will burn,
Of the love we shared, the laughter and the tears,
Of the people who touched our lives so dear.

So, cherish life as a precious gift,
And make the most of every drift,
For in this life of joy and strife,
We find our purpose and make our life.
© PhoenixPierce