I wish I was the first one
I wish I had the freedom to truly believe
wish I was the first one, truly naïve
but not anything like Adam and Eve
want to be my own person, frolocing free

I want to turn the dusty clocks back
to where the Columbus, I, make the first maps
I can take any path I choose, oh luscious choice
without the confusion of everything done for me taking away my voice

free as a bee buzzing along
illuminated my the uninterrupted rays of sun
the grass so healthy, free, and long
I roll in the meadows singing a foreign song

then a bear crawls over, he's but a stroller
a stranger wanting closure, right?
so my sponge of a mind walks me over
that's when I learn fight or flight

think I'll choose the latter tonight
I want to do things for myself
not for some corporate
stacking shelves

I want to be dumb and happy
learning everything naturally
building my own little shack
and dying by 30

I know it sounds stupid
but nothing here calls me
everything is a chore
id rather live before

everything a fight for life
everything a lesson
everything a lucrative lore
everything trying to end my life

a constant adrenaline rush
but I wouldn't know of any chemicals
out in the bush
everything an adventure to end my boredom

I want to experience everything for the first time
without being barraded with information and warning signs
without the annoyance of ambiguous sighs
I wish I was the first one alive.
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© angel_ap