Tell me
Dear child say what you want?
Your disposition shows that you want something,
But your tenor is not as clear as glass that it reflects your needs clearly,
But i can say whosoever will feel your aura will get your needs too, as I am getting.

Dear child say what you want?
Just have a seat near window, and just look outside, how beautiful it is.
You know what fetching child, you are not alone who's sitting in solitary right now, just grasp those trees who is standing rigid in their perspective places without giving any damn,
But they are satisfied with their silence coz they serve life to this mankind.

Dear child say what you want?
Coz you are coming out as same as that Area 51,
The place where might be certain military operations are going on, might be many defencive projects are going on.
But there is no legitimacy in such rumours until they expose clearly.

But I wish uh can speak to me, can speak to me
All of your trouble, all of your complications and all those cons and pros towards life.
Dear child say what you want!!.