Another in Me

It was me trying to understand
Cause life has made it too difficult
to withstand,
And now I stand in a dilenma of knowing Another in Me

Had I days that left me experience the sleepless nights
As if I was in one of those dreadful fights
And now an unseccesful knight is the one Another in Me

Unbearable was the pain
to get released
cause it was too strong a chain
but no relief, in fact, did I claim
And now a bonded labour is the one Another in Me

And I always had a thought
never to have an experience
of just being taught
unfortunately,in it, I find myself caught
And now a foolish scholar is the one Another in Me

Never expected to be,
but I was once possessed and owned
and made to feel
as one that could never be lost nor even disowned
And now a loser who doesn't want to lose and a deserted and who doesn't want to disown is the one Another in Me.

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