Mother, I cry.
Peter "Star" Owor.

Dear mother,
Lately I drink red but I feel blue,
God only knows what I go through,
True love I gave, but her love told lies,
So it's pain and hate I see when I look in her eyes.

Do you remember my four friends?
Oti, Mba, Ayo and Bambam?
My siblings you never birthed,
Those four bastards left four knifes on my back.

Mother, I hunger,
My belly lacks courage to push me on,
My last good jean is worn and torn,
Mother, I drink,
Beers with Ice, it helps when I think.

Mother, I cry,
I bleed in my heart and eyes,
I've seen the world, it's ugly and vile,
Mother I may Cry till I go blind.

© Peter "Star" Owor