Whispers of nature
||As the night falls,
with fireflies, surrounding
the nature overall,
With owls hooting
on the stars those are shooting
trees surrounding on every acers,
mother earth calls you,
with whispers of nature. ||
||You journey into the forest,
while nature is benivolent, and honest,
as the soil you touch, creates a foot of life of mankind,
making the sign of a kind, the one,
the one who believes, we are the greatest, on every kind, but was primitive on every mind;
earth is bleeding, night surrounding on every
she call us with the wispers of nature. ||

|| Their is every possible treats,
but she keeps everyone safe on evey step we take,
she is selfless, yet she is helpless,
as every birds, chirps,
for a mate,
he knows he will get a net;
beast of a kind, that kills every creature of her kind;
on every acer we cut , we don't care,
we murder our maker.
she tries her best,
not to get angry,
if she does, we are done for good,
yet she is pleased with least.
she calls us in acers ,
with the help of wispers of nature ||

© notbad2