Thought of dawning 🌸
It's 4:00 in the morning,
1 hour before my alarm rings,
6 hours past my bedtime and,
I'm still wide awake,
thinking how far I've come.
Even if I'm not quite
where I intended to be,
But there is no regret of tears.
Never one day the same
Some days it's fruitless
But still, I smile softly
At the end of the day,
Precious one's around me,
I know all will be okay.
Where it's grim and gray,
Turn in the shades of rays
That makes me feel anew.
Here 5:00 am & my alarm rings
I know there are pink and purple skies
Swirl like velvety my morning
Even the poem comes to an end knowing that
The night sky still finds a way to shine.

-Janhavi M. N🌻
© Janhavi M. Nivendkar🌻