A banner year

The old year sees that it's lifespan has expired.
The old year's life has come to an end, it has to retire.
Looking at it's days the old year reflects
judging it's moments the old year is not impressed.
Wishing to relive it's year, that's what it wants
but knows that time doesnt do that, so it can't

The prior year stares at the coming new year, feeling threatened
but dispite that gives it advise, so unlike it the new coming year wouldn't be ruined.
The former year calls upon the fresh year, proclaiming words of wisdom.
"Young one, I don't know what your year may come
but I don't want you imitate what I did
for my days have ended.

Your year will be special, I hear
for you will be a leap year.
You have been blessed with 366 days, so realise that the days can't repeat
you have been given seven days a week.

Let me recall the LORD has given you 4 seasons
so may I remind you of them if you have forgotten
Growth, the season of well, growth
Joy, the season of fun and warmth
Wisdom, the time to harvest and collect it's lessons
Endurance, the time that ables us to continue dispite the season covered with frost that is frozen

It is time to throw away my calendar and put up yours.
So the best advise I could leave you with is to continue with Jesus our LORD.
May your days carry growth, fun, reflection and cheer
so when your time of closure comes, people will say, " It truly was a Banner Year!"

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