Eid Mubaarak
Eid Al-Adha a wonderful day
A day for us to remember and embrace
The tale of the prophet
Ibrahim we send upon him peace

He was in the desert and the story blooms
Faced by a trail which for many would bring gloom
His was was however a willing soul
In Allahs hand, he left his fate to unroll

At the time of the act, It was outrun by Allah's decree
A symbol of faith till eternity
A test of man to see the strenth of his beleive
Passed it was and for generations this has brought releif

On the dawn of this day
Our heart is brightened by the deens ray
The Eid ground a place the ummah unites
And in the salah our spirit take flight

Prayers rise with the morning sun
In unity, we become one
From the plain of mecca to distant shores
The spirit of Eid forever soars

The nahr, a symbol so deep,
A promise to keep, a pledge to reap
In each prayer a whisper of peace
From dawn’s first light to the day’s release

Children laugh, their spirits light,
In new attires , faces are bright.
A time to bond and see people who have been away
To talk about the time passed in life's array

Families gather, joy is shared
Feasts really much abundant with love and care
Children’s laughter and elders’ grace
Each home is protected by Allah's embrace

Giving is seen as a sacred duty
kindness, a glimpse of eternal beauty
To the poor and needy, hands are extented
In the spirit of Eid, hearts are mended

Eid al-Adha is more than a day
It’s a testament of faith in life’s array
In sacrifice, in love, in unity’s light
We find our purpose, shining bright

From my side i say EID MUBARAK to you
I hope this occasion fill each soul
With peace, love, and a heart made whole
Stay safe and happy and have a filled day too