Yin & Yang
The sound of waves crashing to the shore kept roaring in his ears. 🥺

He breathed in deep, the cool salt air, and let it out in a rush. 😊

The wind blew sand across the dunes while his hand wiped clean his tears. 🥺

It appeared a sigh, but was more like relief, though his face still looked kind of flush 😊

The breeze seemed to rub his cheek like a lover easing pain. 🥺

He loved this place, the ocean's smell, the birds, the sun, the wind. 😊

And far out on the distant sea the thunder spoke of rain. 🥺

His heart was healing, a new love he'd found, it was time to start again. 😊

He sat here so many other times, alone, or with his lover, 🥺

There'd always been magic at work in his life, it seemed to guide his path. 😊

But she would not be here again because she'd found another. 🥺

Even though there were times when things got rough, and ignited his stress and wrath. 😊

The seagulls screeched in search of lunch while crabs scurried to their homes, 🥺

He saw her then, walking the beach, stopping to pick up a shell. ☺️

But he just sat and didn't move, he felt so much alone 🥺

And just couldn't wait till she got within reach to entice him with her smell. 😊

His memories kept bringing back the times that she was with him, 🥺

The smell of hair that's been kissed by the sun, mixed with the endless sea, 😊

But to have teased him with the facade of love, just couldn't be forgiven. 🥺

Caused a euphoria, he could not quite explain, but knew this is what love should be. 😊

He didn't know if days had passed, or only several hours, 🥺

She met his eyes, and hers lit up, preventing him seeing much else. ☺️

But he closed his eyes, a stab of pain, that day, her hair in flowers 🥺

His heart beat fast, and time stood still, from the burst of love he felt. ☺️

He didn't even want to blink because she was always there. 🥺

They shared a kiss and headed home to avoid the stormy weather. 😊

He didn't hide his coping drink, he didn't even care. 🥺

The world was always perfect when they faced it all together. ☺️

The wind grew abrupt. 🥺

They came to the beach. ☺️

The sea got rough. 🥺

Because it brings peace. ☺️

Hollow. No pain, nor sadness. 🥺

And all stress released. ☺️

Empty. Embracing the madness. 🥺

Now, an unending peace. ☺️

He got back to his feet, 🥺

They walked hand in hand, ☺️

Where sand and surf meet, 🥺

Til out of the sand, ☺️

He started to scream, 🥺

Thinking more loving plans, ☺️

"Death just take me!" 🥺

That's how their day ends. 😊

He fell to his knees. 🥺

Held close. Skin to skin. ☺️

And accepted defeat. 🥺

Both lovers and friends. 😊

He stayed there as the storm finally made it overhead, 🥺

Sometimes in life it's hard to see clear when darkness steals your light, 😊

Not caring how it ended, cause inside,
He was already dead. 🥺

But you can heal, and love once again, keep going, don't give up the fight!! 😊

© The Moonlight Bard